ALBION Colorado USL2 vs. Utah Avalanche

Fairview High School

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ALBION Colorado USL Team takes on Utah Avalanche in the Final Home Match of the Season

Witness the Birth of a Rivalry and Support the ALBION Colorado USL Team in the Ultimate Showdown!

Raise your voices and wear your team colors proudly as we rally behind our beloved ALBION Colorado USL Team. This will be their last regular-season match, and they need your unwavering support to triumph over the tough-as-nails Utah Avalanche. Let's make our presence felt and show these newcomers what true ALBION spirit is all about!

Picture it—a picturesque day in Boulder, the sun shining down on our breathtaking stadium. The energy in the air is palpable as our talented players take to the field, driven by their burning desire to secure a triumphant victory. As each pass, tackle, and goal unfolds, you'll be transported into a whirlwind of excitement and skill, showcasing the remarkable talent that USL2 has to offer.

Bring your friends, family, and fellow soccer enthusiasts to witness the thrilling rivalry between ALBION Colorado USL Team and Utah Avalanche.

Score your tickets now and be part of the action! Let's celebrate our USL League Two team!


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